How to choose best wedding photographer is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding. Remember when hiring a photography professional, you are not just buying his service-but also the memories of the occasion as well. You could want to remember your mother’s joy, the uniting of the two families and that moment when the ring was put to your finger. That is why it is very important to take your time and go for a talented and experienced photographer to capture the event for you and give you the best memories of the day in the future. Know your style-how you want things to be done and go for whom among the potential photographers suits your style and taste of events.

Your wedding day is the most colorful day of your life thus, all the systems ought to run according to plan to avoid any embarrassment. When deliberating on how to choose best wedding photographer, look out for the most experienced one.

He should differentiate the types of shots and where they will be applied in the entire event. Different photographers specialize in different styles; some are good in taking shorts, or editing while others are good in is recommended that you hire someone who has handled similar events before. By doing this, you will be sure that the photographer is a person who knows his way round.

When looking at how to choose best wedding photographer, also go an extra mile and look at their professional qualifications. Have a look at their credentials and certifications. l know most people ignore this as they consider the art of photography as a mere skill that can be acquired by just practice rather than learning. A serious photographer should have this document as a way of verifying his suitability and also increasing his credibility.

Also, when considering how to choose best wedding photographer, inquire about the equipment they have-its not all about just a camera! Ask them what lights they have ,the camera they intend to use as well as the film they are going to use and why they recommend it over others. Also know how they are going to process the pictures and how long it will take them to get to you. At this juncture, also negotiate the cost. Remember there are lots of other expenses that need to be covered.



A wedding should tell a story about how the events occurred so as to create a perfect memory reference to whoever is going to view them. Clear, well taken photos are needed.

In wedding preparations time is a general factor. The photographer should arrive early, organize him/herself adequately and confirm if the cameras are working properly to avoid disappointments. Also the cameras should be of high resonance for clear pictures.

How one wears also brings a big impact on how comfortable you’ll be at the event, for example wearing appropriate shoes which are comfy.

Taking wedding photos require one to be open with the bridegroom since some of the traditions don’t allow them to meet prior the ceremony and its termed as an abomination, so the photographer has to explain the need for the time so as to capture photos before the wedding has started.

The photographer should not miss photos which have a great impact/influence in the wedding as a whole, for example; photos with schoolmates, their parents, family members etc. To avoid all this one should talk to the bride so as to get a long list on who to take the photos.

Recently i attended a wedding in which the photographer was all over the bridegrooms face, they were uneasy and couldn’t communicate freely, to avoid this one should feel free changing the lenses, thus allowing them to scoot away and further from them.

All wedding clothe are pale, yes, it’s true… this has been loyal for over 200 years. If yer want the clothes to stay bright in lieu of a lackluster gray, then you’ll perhaps desire to adjust into some actual exposure compensation. The conflate meter out your photograph will detect the bright dress and think it’s bright, but it isn’t bright—it’s just white! The camera ignites to guerdon for this large “bright” area in the photo and brands the exposure of the clothe too dark. Positive exposure guerdon makes this limitation in a jiffy.

You can always hire a second photographer who is a helper, give him a role like checking if the batteries are running out, carrying your equipment. When this is happening never get on the way of the bride, this may lead to anger.

Always carry a sheet. Mostly a white one, this is because you’d always wish the bridegroom to stand on flowerbeds, rivers and streams, yet they don’t want to soil their clothes or gown. This always comes in handy here.